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Aldo V The Gentleman in the Blue Hat

You F***ing Cheat. Dickhead. Twat!.

George Hamilton: The gentleman in the yellow hat exists nowhere in the firmament of International football

Aldo: You Fucking Cheat. Dickhead. Twat!

John Aldridge didn’t realise he was on camera so didn’t hold back when it came to telling the interfering official what he though of him. Aldo has said he’s embarrassed by it, I think it’s fucking brilliant.

Ray Houghton V England

Who put the ball in the English net?

Six minutes into the match and John Aldridge provided the assist for Ray Houghton, whose only about 5ft tall to head the ball over Peter Shilton and into the English net.

It’s said that Houghton hasn’t had to pay for drink in Ireland since 1988, of course scoring against Italy in New York was pretty impressive too.

Paul McGrath V Italy ’94

Signing Ohh Ahh, Paul McGrath

Richard Dunne in Moscow gave him a run for his money but Paul McGrath’s defensive display against in the Italian’s in the Giants Stadium in USA ’94 is often said to be the best performance ever seen in an Irish jersey.

McGrath, who only had the use of one arm (he was suffering from a virus) managed to shut out the an Italian attack that featured Giuseppe Signori and Roberto Baggio. That perfectly timed stretch from Big Paul to clear the ball from the onrushing Signori was just sublime.

Bad Bad Cop

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

The Euros are coming, and it’s gonna be ace.

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