Irish Music Illustrations

Irish Music illustrations


Have you got any Irish in you?

The first of our Irish Music illustrations is poor auld Philo, he should have listened to his Mammy and stayed on the straight and narrow.

There’s a fine statue of Phil outside Bruxelles on Harry Street, but you’d have a job hanging that on your wall.

Brendan Behan

A hungry feeling, came o’er me stealing.

Before he was a writer Brendan was a house painter, apparently he was rubbish, never stayed within the lines.

Of course Brendan was much better at the bukes and plays and you could argue his greatest talent was drinking, he could do it for Ireland. His other great claim to fame is that he wrote The Auld Triangle, in fairness he deserves a drink for that.

The Dubliners

Hipsters wish they had beard like this.

What’s the definitive lineup? Hmmm, not sure but these are the five best beards.


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