Irish Sporting Heroes

Irish Sporting Heroes


All credit to… preparation.

Imaging those eyes staring down on you from the wall, the vein bulging in his head, red mist seeping out through the room. This is the ultimate in motivational images.

You don’t need to hire a personal trainer, just hang this portrait of Roy above your weights and you’ll instantly complete 50 more reps than usual.

Conor McGregor

The Notorious C.M.G.

Dapper suit wearing dandy during the day, notorious shit kicker by night. This all-action superhero dispenses with the baddies using his patented super power… he bates the heads off fellas.

Liam Whelan

Liam (or ‘Billy’ as he was know in England) Whelan was part of the Manchester United team in the 50s know as the Busby Babes. Tragically, he was one of the victims of the 1958 Munich Air Disaster. Had he not died aged just 22, Liam would surely have added greatly to his four Republic of Ireland caps and his name would be more widely know.

A Cabra lad, Liam is commemorated through the Liam Whelan bridge which is close to the house in which he was born on St. Attracta Road and just down the road from Dalymount Park, where he had scored two goals for United against Shamrock Rovers in the European Cup shortly before his death.

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